Attention Quotient

AQ™ is a new metric created to allow you to measure the level and quality of your attention using the free AQ™ app on Apple Watch.

In today’s 24/7 digital world, improving your attention can be the crucial difference between success and failure at work and play.



Focus for two minutes with eyes open and two minutes with eyes closed.


Get your individual score and your percentile compared to others.


Track changes to your attention at different times and under different conditions.

Why & How of AQ™?

  • Attention is like a muscle. It can be strengthened through meditative “exercises”.
  • AQ: A new standard for the mindfulness industry. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.
  • AQ app: An easy tool for mindfulness practitioners to track the progress of their practice.


Why attention matters?


Training your attention may be the most important skill you ever develop.

Attention training is an essential aspect of mindfulness, which enhances mental health, improves executive functioning, concentration and memory, reduces burnout and improves physical health.

The AQTM app provides you a powerful tool to track and improve your mindfulness practice.



“A man is what
he does with his attention.”

John Ciardi

“Whatever specific form it takes, most every kind of meditation entails retraining attention.”

Daniel Goleman & Richard J. Davidson

“The quality of one’s life depends on the quality of attention.”

Deepak Chopra



The AQ App

Science behind the AQ™ App

Proprietary Framework and Technology

The AQ™ app measures attention through a combination of heart rate readings and their individual variations. We utilize a proprietary framework and AI technology with a standard neurological assessment protocol to provide you with a measure of your specific attentional state.

The mathematical model used to calculate Attention Quotient (AQ™) employs the proven methodology that is used to calculate Intelligence Quotient (IQ), the widely followed metric for measuring a person’s intelligence. Similar to IQ, AQ™ is a measure of a person’s own skill level in comparison to others.





Our goal is to awaken people’s genius through technology and the science of mindful awareness.


We are a precision healthcare technology organization that is introducing personalized mindfulness to consumers using their unique biomarkers and environmental data.


We have developed proprietary measurement and distribution technologies and have combined them with our unique training program that uses the full potential of mindfulness in order to offer the industry’s first data-driven personalized service that improves people’s health, well-being and performance at work and home.

Our Team

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Dr. Robert Thurman

Sharon Salzberg

Mark Epstein, MD

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24/7 automated personalized mindfulness advice to improve your health, well-being and performance based upon your biomarkers and other inputs from your environment.

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh